Monday, 4 March 2013

Something About An Apple:

So, the day is today we are going to know some precious benefits about Apple. Why eating apple regular is really a good for health? For fast growth of a person. And I'm going to highlight benefits of Apple. Apple juice have many fiber and dietary fiber. It contains many vitamin and minerals, which are an important for health. Apple is not only delicious but they are full of nutrient. These nutrients help in our body development and also protect many diseases. Apple juice contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B and also including potassium, iron, chlorine and minerals.

Benefits of Apples
Following are the main benefits of Apple, so let's move on:

1.The soluble fiber found in an apple which  is reduce lower cholesterol  level.
2. An apple is very good fruit in weight maintenance. .
3. An apple helps against the metabolic syndrome.
4. Red apple contain an antioxidant called quercetin. Qurercetin can help boost your immune system.

5. Apple is fight with liver, colon and breast cancer.
6. Apples are decrease the risk of diabetes.
7. Apple juice is very useful for weight loss. It can remain fit and slim by drinking apple juice.
8. Apple juice helps clean function of liver and kidney, also reducing kidney disorders and liver problems.
9. Apple juice is very good for lungs and it reduce the risk of asthma.
10. Apple juice contains antioxidants, which can protection from different kinds of cancer.
11. An apple may keep you slim. Its good for your brain. An apple fight cancer.